I’m Not the Only One that Loves Dahlias

Another reason to love dahlias as a photographer is that they are the best place to find insects, especially bees.

Just look at the legs of this bumblebee and you know instantly why dahlias are so popular.


My 100mm macro lens has renewed my interest in closeups of plants and insects.

I’d never see this kind of detail with the naked eye.


But with the knowledge taken from my photographs, I’m sure I’ll see these bees with clearer eyes the next time I see them.

Originally I didn’t think this was a regular honey bee, particularly since we don’t see many around here, but after working on the photo for a while it sure looks like one.


This one looks kind of like a bee,

unidentified insect

But I’m pretty sure it’s another kind of insect that has adopted the bee’s coloring to protect itself.

Every time I take a shot of insects I remember that I have a David Attenborough series of movies and accompanying book about insects waiting on my computer and on my bookshelf. It’s hard to observe any piece of nature closely and not notice how it is connected to everything else.