Just Playing Around

As much as I love being out-of-doors and in the wilderness, I’d be a very unhappy person if those were the only places I could find joy. Luckily, that’s not the case. One of the main reasons we moved to Tacoma was so that we could spend more time with our grandchildren who provide a constant source of joy.

We recently spent the day at the zoo with Mira, and I think I can safely say she had fun riding the camel,

Camel Ride

and, after some apprehension at Budgies that seemed just a little too aggressive,

Surprised by a Budgie

she and grandma had fun feeding them.

Budgie Feeding

We spent Sunday exploring Nisqually Wildlife Refuge and even though grandpa could neither see the crickets nor squat down far enough to get a closeup of one, we all had a great time exploring the insects

 red dragonfly

and the frogs


on the refuge, something I seldom notice without a grandchild along.

Heck, we even managed to see a few birds we don’t see in our own backyard.


What more could you ask of a weekend, except for perhaps a Mariner victory?

4 thoughts on “Just Playing Around”

  1. Well, you had a terrific weekend. I wouldn’t spoil it by asking for a Mariner victory…

    (Says she who lives in the land of the Cardinals)

    I especially liked the family/budgies photos.

  2. Love the dragonfly! I’ve never seen a red one here; I see lots of beautiful greens and blues, but never red.

    1. I’ve only started noticing them here in the last few years, but, for all I know, they may have been here for years.

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