A Sunny Day at Belfair

Thursday afternoon’s outing was followed by an even more impressive Friday outing at Belfair. It was a beautiful day, made even better by joining up with John and Peter. Birding certainly wasn’t spectacular, but I enjoyed seeing birds I haven’t seen for a while, like this Yellowlegs.


The sunshine made it possible to capture birds in flight, making shots of mallards almost seems special,

Mallard Flyby

not to mention shots of this Great Blue Heron’s buzzing us.

Great Blue Heron flying

The shot of the day, though, was definitely this shot of a Red-Throated Loon.

Red-Throated Loon

Originally I thought it was a “first,” but it turns out I had gotten a distant shot of one in 2008. Neither John nor I had ever seen one at Belfair before, though, and it was definitely a thrill getting as close as we did.

I ended my visit by taking a quick tour through the master garden behind the visitor center. I thought this crocus pretty well symbolized the beauty of the day.


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