The Squeaky Wheel

In the middle of my recent rant about our constant rain, sunshine suddenly returned. Although the forecast called for rain, I spent a delightful Thursday afternoon at Owen’s beach and Titlow Park. Blue skies prevailed.

Canada Goose

As I walked from the boathouse to Owens Beach, I spotted this River Otter.

River Otter in Puget Sound

Though I tried to get better shots, he seemed intent on his destination and wasn’t about to be distracted by a little sunshine or a photographer.

Even the crows seemed intent on absorbing the sun’s rays.


After I walked to Owens Beach from the boathouse, I drove the five-mile loop and noticed a Varied Thrush beside the road.

Varied Thrush

Was this the same thrush that visited my feeder regularly the last month, or is this simply The Year of the Varied Thrush?

I walked another mile or so at the point where I heard Bald Eagles and Pileated Woodpeckers several times but only managed to get a picture of an inquisitive chipmunk.


Normally that would have been more than enough of a walk for me and I would’ve driven home, but since it was still SUNNY I decided to go walk at Titlow, too, where I managed to get a couple of pictures of another favorite, a Belted Kingfisher.

Belted Kingfisher

For once, it seemed too distracted by its recent catch to laugh at me and fly off.

In fact, it was downright accommodating, actually flying closer after it finishing its meal.

Belted Kingfisher

I would have liked to think that he enjoyed posing in the sunshine, but he was probably getting ready to catch another meal.

Somehow it seemed that the plum trees along the trail were heralding Spring


plum blossons

I just hope it’s not another false Spring, especially since today’s forecast calls for rain the rest of the week.

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