Grebe Transformation

After Friday’s trip to Belfair I went to Port Orchard to see what was there since I hadn’t been there for nearly a month. Specifically, I wondered if the Horned Grebes would be in breeding colors now since this is about the time of year they change colors.

The first one I saw at the foot of the entrance looked exactly like the ones I had taken pictures of in February.

Horned Grebe in non-breeding colors

I didn’t have to look too hard, though, to find others that were definitely beginning to change colors, like this one


that had not yet developed the “horn” that gives the species its name.

In fact, a lot of them looked downright mangy, like this one,

Horned Grebe changing colors

something I can identify with it since I’m in the process of letting my hair grow out again.

This was the closest I saw to one in full breeding colors,

Horned Grebe near breeding colors

but it’s obvious it is going to be at least another week or two before most of them are in full breeding colors.

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