Looking Back, Fondly

It’s hard to believe but I haven’t been out on a day-trip since February 27, which means it has rained for almost a solid month here in the Pacific Northwest. On the 27th, though, it looked like the beginning of spring with brilliant sunshine and clear skies revealing the snow-covered Olympics to the West.

I even found the first official sign of Spring here in the Pacific Northwest, skunk cabbage beginning to bloom.

Skunk Cabbage

Of course, there were also signs of winter trying to hang on since I didn’t have to go very far before sighting sheets of ice atop the wetlands, frozen on the previous evening’s high tide.

sheets of ice on wetlands

The Kildeer were dressed in their finest plumage and seemed too absorbed in courting to worry about photographers,


while small flocks of Common Mergansers dressed in breeding colors flashed by.

Common Mergansers in flight

Then, at least, it seemed we had brought Spring home with us from California and Summer couldn’t be far behind. If I had known what was to come, I would have savored the day even more than I did.