California Dreaming

Driving from Washington to California in late Spring is marked by a remarkable change in “seasons” the further south you travel. The dominant flower in the Humboldt District of Northern California during our trip was the native rhododendrons, huge tree-like plants of purple and pink,

Pink Rhodies

a typical Spring flower in the Pacific Northwest.

We didn’t have to drive much further, though, before we started seeing the California State Flower,

California Poppies

brilliant orange poppies, a flower that begins blooming in early Summer and lasts most of the Summer where I live.

Pink Rose

When we finally reached Mary’s house in Santa Rosa, though, the dominant flower was the beautiful

roses, seldom seen before July here in the Pacific Northwest, already past their prime.

4 thoughts on “California Dreaming”

  1. Thank you for these photos from California. Haven’t been able to travel to California since fall of 2008. Come to think of it, I haven’t traveled anywhere since fall of 2008!

    Are those rhododendrons at the first rest stop over the California border?

    1. I think so, am, though by the time we reached there I was a little punchdrunk from driving.

  2. Like I said earlier today in my posting to you; I have been visiting your site for a few months now. But in the past 4/5 weeks, I’ve been busy doing other things. So, this morning I remembered you and thought I’d see what you’ve got regarding posting my poems on line. The poem I stumbled on was the …’ golden ‘… and decided to read on and there am I with ‘Carlifornia here we come’ in one of my poems and your ‘Carlifornia dreaming’… what’s going on? I’m laughing ….

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