Lael’s Photographs

Dawn asked us to watch Lael Thursday night while the rest of the family went to a soccer game, and I decided that since we’re both in training for an Olympic Backpack in July that we should walk Belfair Thursday night and Waughop Lake Friday morning.

Since I enjoy photographing while walking, I gave Lael a camera so she could take pictures, too, not realizing how many shots she would take and how many I would have to sort through to pick out the best ones.

Lael with Camera

One of her favorite parts of Theler Wetlands is the tunnel-effect from the trees that surround the trail.

Nana and Patah walking through a Tunnel of Trees

I’m generally so focused on birds that I forget to take scenic shots, but I thought Lael did a good job of doing that, showing both the sunny part of the hike here,

Creek in Sunshine

and the stormy, blustery part of the hike here:


Friday morning Lael and I headed out to Waughop Lake, hoping to see more birds than we’d seen the night before at Belfair. My favorite shot she took was this one of a female Wood Duck and three of her ducklings.

Wood Duck with Ducklings

I thought it was especially nice that after we looked at a sign that showed the birds that had been spotted here and Lael said she would most like to see a Cedar Waxwing that we did, in fact, spot one on the other side of the lake:

Waxwing with Berry

Despite my nagging cold, it was an invigorating and uplifting two days.