A New Perspective

I’ve driven the beaches in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California so many times it’s easy to skip a lookout because I’ve “already seen it.” Though still one of my favorite places when it’s not raining, it’s far too easy to forget how magnificent the coast really is.


You don’t see the ocean too many times while driving 101, so one of the notable spots is just before Crescent City where rocky headlands push out to sea. I’ve stopped here and taken pictures more times than I can remember since we switched to the coastal route to Santa Rosa.


The most prominent feature is the large rock at the point, though it’s too far away to really see it clearly.

It wasn’t until I stopped on the hill overlooking the beach, coming south rather than going north that I realized just how impressive this rock formation really was:

Rocks at Beach

Sometimes a small shift of perspective can help us see the world in an entirely different light.

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