Like a Rolling Stone

Despite all indications to the contrary, I have not, yet, come to an untimely demise as those on Facebook are aware. I’ve just returned from a trip to Santa Rosa to attend Leslie’s family get together.

Unfortunately, I was seldom around a WIFI connection, so I didn’t get a chance to update my site at all. I got a few pictures, but nothing special, unfortunately. Not a single new bird, though I really didn’t spend much time birding except in Mary’s backyard.

We got back late Monday night and I’m leaving early tomorrow morning for 10 days in Montana, I barely had time to unpack and fix up the car for a week of car-camping. I did manage to finish the calendar for the Tahoma Audubon society, though, so I feel good about that.

The trip to Montana is a Birding Trip so hopefully I’ll come back with some great shots. But I doubt I’ll be a WIFI collection the entire time I’m out. Check back the last week in June and hopefully I’ll have some great shots.

I’m hoping to stay in touch with Facebook buddies through my iPhone, with a new version of Scrabble recently installed. Hopefully AT&T will have some hotspots on the way.

UPDATE. Well, that didn’t go as planned. My trip partner and I got as far as Snoqualmie Pass and mutually decided that we really didn’t want to spend the next ten days together, at least not if I was taking my dog with me, which I thought I’d made clear when we started planning the trip. I’d have gone on alone if I’d made the plans, but since she had made them I decided to delay the trip to the Fall when I could better plan where to go.

4 thoughts on “Like a Rolling Stone”

  1. Ah, Scrabble. I swore when I returned to Facebook I was not going to play you at Scrabble. My ego cannot survive the experience.

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. I bet you will get many good pictures.

    Drive carefully.

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