The Wild Side

As much as I like Margaret and Cory’s garden plants, I enjoy the wildlife even more.

They share their property with native plants like this native Rose, one of my favorite flowers and the first I’ve seen in full bloom this year.

Wild Rose

While I was talking to Grandpa Bob about his large, hand-turned garden, I kept seeing a flock of birds flying back and forth from the nearby trees to the tops of firs. Since the sun was behind them, it took me awhile to realize it was a flock of Cedar Waxwings feeding on the holly berries,

Cedar Waxwing

another first for this year.

P.S. Thought you’d be excited to know that I got two yards of bark dust on the front garden today — two trips in my little Tacoma pickup. Luckily it’s not nearly as heavy as the yard of “potting soil” that I spread in the raised beds earlier. Real Life is so darn boring, it’s no wonder so many of my long-time blogging friends have stopped blogging.

2 thoughts on “The Wild Side”

  1. Our wild roses are just coming into bloom too Loren. There is nothing in a cultivated garden that comes anywhere near the beauty of a wild rose.
    I honestly don’t think real life is boring at all – every day here on the farm there is something to look at, something to enjoy,an exciting meal to cook, a find in the garden, young birds being fed on the lawn – I could go on but I won’t because I am becoming boring myself!

  2. We put up a very fancy bird feeding station, and so far there have been plenty of finches, Juncos, Chickadees hanging around. The Cedar Waxwings come around when the berries are ripe in our yard too. We also had these huge Asian ring-necked doves trying to perch on the feeder, and it’s quite comic to watch.

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