Margaret’s Garden

I”m too busy Spring Cleaning and gardening to get out birding, but we did spent part of Monday at Margaret and Cory’s house, and their garden is in full bloom.

The rhododendrons were pretty, but these Siberian Iris

Siberian Iris

and these purple beauties really caught my attention.

Purple Flowers

5 thoughts on “Margaret’s Garden”

    1. I’ve hated purple ever since my purple horse made me carsick as a five-year-old, but I’ll have to admit that I’ve mellowed toward the color, at least in flowers, in my old age, kenju.

      I love Siberian Iris, that’s for sure.

  1. I sure do love flower season at your blog and do like the way you’ve framed these recent flowers.

    1. Thanks, am. I haven’t framed pictures for a while, but I do like the way it emphasizes the framing that always goes on in my head when I take photographs.

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