Western Meadowlark

As noted yesterday, I wouldn’t be seeing Colorado if it weren’t for Tyson and his family, but I’ll have to admit one reason I prefer their Colorado home to their Southern California home are the birds that I get to see in Colorado but rarely see here in the Pacific Northwest.

One of those is the Western Meadowlark, a bird we occasionally see during the winter. I’d only managed to get one shot in Colorado before, and, like this shot,
it was a shot of the bird on the ground, partially obscured by the grass where it seems to spend most of its time foraging.

This time, though, I found a pair of Meadowlarks who seemed to be claiming their small piece of land and who weren’t shy about letting others know that.

I had several opportunities to go back and get better shots each time, especially when I was patient enough to take one step forward and then wait a minute or so before taking another shot.

Western Meadowlark

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the last day that I realized the Meadowlark has a beautiful black collar that only shows from the front,


or I would have spent more time getting a frontal shot. Luckily, I can look forward to returning in the near future, perhaps in the Fall, to get even better shots.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t equipped to capture its beautiful song, but you can listen to a recording of it here: Western Meadowlark.

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