Zoe’s Photographs

Until this visit, the birding and photography had been almost exclusively a Logan-Gramps sort of thing, especially since Logan likes to get up early while Zoe likes to sleep in. This trip, though, Zoe insisted on going so the kids had to share Tyson’s handed-down camera, a very good one by the way.

Here’s Zoe ready to capture the world as it really is, or, at least as she sees it.

Zoe with Camera

On the final day, we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens and she ended up using my camera because I borrowed the 100mm-300mm lens I’d given Tyson. Here’s a shot of some of the artwork that seems to be an integral part of the garden:


Dad seemed more than willing to pose, but little sister couldn’t get too enthused:

Tyson holding Sydney

I did notice that many of her shots seemed to be inclined, even though this statue sat pretty squarely on top of the knoll:


Strangely, I think I prefer it taken at this angle than at the angle I took it.

This shot of me is one of my favorites,

because it captures my left-leaning ways.