More Shorebirds

Knowing that this week’s trip to Colorado could very well mean I will miss the rest of the Spring Migration, I told Ruth Sullivan I would go birding with her last Friday, and the weather certainly cooperated. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and surprisingly warm.

It was a joy just to hang out on the beach with friends,

Shorebirds resting

gazing up at flocks of Cormorants flying overhead,

A Flight of Cormorants

the calm occasionally shattered

a flock of shorebirds in flight

by a Peregrine Falcon trying unsuccessfully to separate one of the shorebirds from the flock.

Danger past, a Western Sandpiper tiptoed nearer,

Western Sandpiper

while a Least Sandpiper remained closer to the safety of water’s edge.

Least Sandpiper