A Leap of Faith

No Rapture here, but I have paid tribute to the Old Ones the past week, choosing to listen to the Jack-in-the-Pulpit in my backyard rather than the media carnival.


Much of the week was spent trying to get the sprinkler system working since a hard winter freeze resulted in some burst pipes and new landscaping in the front yard meant an entire area had to be reconfigured. Judging from recent weather, I may not actually need it this year, but I have faith there will be at least one extended period of sunshine while I’m gone on one of my birding trips.

Planting tomatoes and corn here in the Pacific Northwest is a real leap of faith, especially since I only got a few ears of corn last year and ended up eating far more green tomatoes than red ones. Thankfully, for me, the ritual of planting is much more important than the actual harvesting of tomatoes and corn, especially in a world where hydroponic tomatoes and hybrid corn are now available nearly year round for reasonable prices.

Although I’m decidedly a city-boy, there’s been very few years when I haven’t had a garden, and those aren’t the kinds of years I want to relive. Two of the three were spent in the Army and the other year was a transitional year, when we moved here in Fall. The World may not depend on my planting corn and tomatoes every Spring, but I’m not taking that chance.