Fall Returns

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I woke up this morning to find the house shrouded in fog and the fog horns sounding in the distance. After all, the Canada Geese
had returned to Theler’s Wetlands when we were there yesterday.

Canada Geese

The resident Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

was fishing next to the creek when we went by in the morning,

Great Blue Heron on Fence

and had taken up his familiar spot on the fence railings by the time we returned at the end of our walk.

It appears we are going to have an intense but short summer this year since it was late arriving and, if the birds are any indicator at all, it will be leaving shortly.

7 thoughts on “Fall Returns”

  1. hi loren, all across te continent i see these words and predictions echoed. hmmmm. the canada geese have been running “v – practice” sessions for a couple of weeks now. lots of birds that i am unfamiliar with have been landing on the trees and back deck and then just as quickly powering up and taking off southwards. the evenings are almost cold – 10 celsius – while the days are barely cracking 20 celsius. leaves are changing slowly but surely. have a peaceful evening. steven

  2. Delightful pictures as always, Loren. Those Canada Geese – lovely – we get them here all the time – I wonder whether they come back to you or whether they stay here – I seem to think there are here all winter.

  3. We have both resident and migratory Canada Geese here in the Pacific Northwest, pat, though I think ours come down from Alaska and British Columbia, not England.

    The migrants tend to be a little smaller, or at least that’s what I’ve been told.

  4. In the Adirondacks yesterday and today in New Jersey, it feels like fall for sure. Temps under 70, that crisp blue sky, that change in the light…yes, it’s here.

    Saw what I think was an osprey in a nest near our place upstate. Will try to post a picture of it in my next post and you can help confirm my identification!

  5. From my Pacific location, the sight of the geese and the heron, turning itself into a another fencepost, are wonderful treats from another realm.
    We are officially past the first day of Spring. Sept 1st. I live in a valley full of trees and here the birds are busy with the delights of a wakening earth.
    Salutations from North island, New Zealand.

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