What begins well sometimes even ends well. Monday’s trip actually ended up on a high note as there was no fog and no high winds when we reached Tokeland around 6:30 PM. As a result, I actually got the best of the light of the day there.

One of my favorite shots of the day was this elegant Whimbrel,


a bird we only see during migration, and only the second shot I’ve ever gotten of one. I wouldn’t have gotten this one if a more experienced birder hadn’t pointed it out to me as it was well camouflaged amid the flock of Marbled Godwits.

Of course, I couldn’t resist taking several pictures of the Marbled Godwits, even though I already have many shots taken during previous visits

Marbled Godwits

At the end of the day the sun was low enough in the sky that there was a Marbled Godwits were literally glowing in the sun, and I couldn’t help but be struck by the abstract beauty of the whole scene:

Godwits with Waves