The Unexpected

I went to the beach in order to try out my new 500/700mm lens, and I certainly managed to get some shots that I would never have gotten with my old 400mm lens, like this one of a Lesser Yellowlegs with a small fish in its beak

Yellowlegs With Catch

and all of the shots I featured yesterday.

It seems ironical, though, that some of my favorite shots from the day were taken with my 400mm telephoto, the one I carried at the ready while my 500mm lens was in the pack strapped to my back because it is impossible to carry a 500/700mm lens at the ready for half a mile or so, especially since it has to be mounted on a tripod.

For instance, I’ve rarely seen a Turnstone and didn’t have time to get my 500mm lens out to get a shot of this one when Ruth Sullivan spotted it on the beach:

non-breeding Turnstone

Nor did I have time to get out my new lens when this endangered Snowy Plover unexpectedly showed up on the ground next to me as I was walking from the beach back to the pond on Midway Beach:

Snowy Plover

Of course, I would have gotten a much better shot if I’d had time to set my new lens up because this little guy had to be blown up considerably to get it this size. Still, I’d never have managed to get a shot at all of this rare bird if I’d had to get set up.

I certainly would have missed this shot of this Peregrine Falcon that swooped down on the pond in front of us just as we walked up if I hadn’t my trusty 400mm lens at the ready.

Peregrine Falcon

All of this somehow reminds me of John Lennon’s “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”