A Lesser Yellowlegs is a rather common migrant here in the Pacific Northwest and I’ve gotten pictures of them several times in the past, but never as close as this pair of Yellowlegs I saw at Belfair Sunday.

In fact, when I first saw this one, I assumed it was a duck because it seemed to be swimming in the midst of a group of mallards, but a quick glance at its beak convinced me it was no mallard, though I’d never seen a yellowlegs in this deep of water.

Yellowlegs In Deep Water

As soon as it emerged from the water and started wading along the shore, foraging as it went I knew it was a yellowlegs.

Yellowlegs Wading in Shallow Water

They seemed remarkably bold, or very hungry, because they ignored me as I walked along the edge of the pond snapping shot after shot, fascinated by the way they searched among, and under branches.

Yellowlegs Feeding Under Roots

It’s a special treat when I get to observe any bird this long, this closely. I couldn’t resist looking up the birds’ feeding habits as soon as I got home.


It was certainly the “best bird of the day,” and that’s all it ever takes to make a day of birding a success.

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  1. Those are nice photos. I just noticed the new design with the Japanese Haiku, also. Nice.

    I would guess they eat fish, with that kind of beak.

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