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I haven’t had the best of luck getting photographs here in Colorado. I did manage to get a few at Pike’s Peak, but I wasn’t really happy with them. I should have gotten some great shots the next day at the zoo in Colorado Springs, but my camera battery was drained for the first time ever. I blame it on the fact that we were going to Garden of the Gods, which seems to be a jinx for me. The pictures I took there two years ago were trashed by iPhoto before it was able to handle RAW format.

I did manage to get out today and take a few bird pictures, though the first time out I managed to get rained out. Seems like I must have brought the Pacific Northwest with me.

My favorite picture so far is this one of a kestrel that was floating in one place for several seconds:


this white butterfly next to the purple lupine


and, this shot of a Brewers’ blackbird that made me see the varied hues for the first time ever.

Brewer’s Blackbird

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Loren. I just wanted to point out that the blackbird is a Common Grackle (but in full sun like that, there’s nothing ‘common’ about it!). The contrast between the blue/purple gloss on the head and the bronze gloss in the body plumage is a good identification feature. Also, this bird shows the long, heavy bill typical of a grackle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the correction, david, we don’t have those in the West which partially explains the confusion. I’ve often wondered what people were referring to when they talked about Grackles, and now I know.

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