She Ain’t Heavy

she’s my granddaughter, though arms and legs argued otherwise.

The highlight of my Colorado trip came Saturday when we visited Ouzel Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. Needless to say, all three kids were very tired by the time we climbed the 2.5 miles to the falls, so each of the adults loaded up a kid and headed downhill. It was probably a break for Tyson who carried at least one kid all the way up the trail, but I remember now why it’s best to have your kids in your 30’s.

Grandpa with Granddaughter in pack

Though I’m much more apt to share bird pictures or scenics on my blog, the only reason I visit Colorado is to see Tyson and his family.

Family on Ouzel Fall trail

Scenic trips are merely frosting on the cake, even if the most memorable part of the trip.

Mainly, I enjoy merely sitting around watching parents interact with kids,

Tyson and kids in sandbox

watching kids play with each other,

Kids talking on walkie-talkies

and even introducing one to birding and photography:

Logan taking a picture