A Summer Walk

I’m not foolish enough to try to argue that summer has finally arrived here in the Pacific Northwest, but it certainly felt like it today and looked like it when I went down to the Point Defiance Rose Garden. There were people everywhere, and couples lying on blankets sunbathing.

Many of the roses were in full bloom, with a good half of the plants showing off their varied shades of beautiful.

A little jaded by past shots, I chose to focus on this petite rose that trailed up the wooden arch that separates the two main gardens:

Climbing Rose

The Iris Garden across from the Rose Garden was also in full bloom, and I suspect it was really my favorite of the day:

Purple Iris

But I couldn’t resist ending the day by taking pictures of the Calla Lilies:

Calla Lily

It’s not clear what the weather holds for the next few days, but it’s a great time to get to the garden if you live near Tacoma.