A Little Color for a Drab Day

It was a rather drab day at Nisqually today, but since this is the last chance I’ll have to visit for the next two weeks I decided to go rather than pass up the chance. At times it felt more like fall or late winter, but there was certainly a lot less people than usual.

What color there was provided by the wildlife, this American Goldfinch,

American Goldfinch

this wild rose

Wild Rose

and, my personal favorite, this Rufous Hummingbird.

Rufous Hummingbird

Who needs sunshine?

5 thoughts on “A Little Color for a Drab Day”

  1. Especially like this group of three — the golden yellow, delicate violet, iridescent orange. A good way to start my day at 4 a.m. Will be looking forward to seeing photos from your trip to Colorado.

  2. I agree there’s something slightly unreal about the hummingbird – the way it’s perched on the stick makes it look a bit like a child’s toy (one of those fluffy spring loaded things that slide gradually down a stick, pecking as they go in a vague woodpecker imitation!).

    None of which should detract from the achievement of capturing one of these avian helicopters at all! I find them incredibly difficult to photograph – the best hummingbird photo I’ve taken is on my blog, but it’s still not as clear as I’d like!

  3. I figured someone who lives in the PNW would appreciate a little color, am.

    I’m looking forward to taking pictures in Colorado.

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