Fall in the Pacific Northwest

Conventional wisdom suggests that The Evergreen State wouldn’t display nearly the fall colors that are found in the Northeast where deciduous trees are much more widespread.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t also enjoy fall colors. We just have to look a little harder and a little closer:

Sparrow in Fall

Sometimes we even find it in the color of birds passing through rather than in the leaves themselves:

Cedar Waxwing Eating Berry

Sometimes you just have to squint your eyes and look up:

Fall Leaves Overhead

7 thoughts on “Fall in the Pacific Northwest”

  1. Fabulous- many thanks, as always, for sharing your camera eye.
    Color change has been slow around here in New England this autumn, due perhaps to low rainfall, extended summer, and who knows what else. As with the Pacific Northwest, migrants and residents alike provide both startling and subtle hues. And, we frequently enjoy migrants blown off course from your area!

  2. I’ll be discussing Shelley Power’s graphic book when it comes out, Rae, plus trying to display some of the ideas she offers.

  3. Am catching up on your blog after having been in Eastern Washington for two weeks. Good to be able to see your photos again, especially that Cedar Waxwing.

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