We Are Family

As noted previously, Lael and I have been spending extra time together because her regular babysitter was in Hawaii for two weeks. Friday was our last day together, and the weather proved accommodating — for a change.

Going to the zoo is not just about animals here in Tacoma, though. We spent as much time a the playground as we did seeing animals. Lael also seemed rather drawn to this statue, even arguing with another little girl who said it was HER family.

Statue of Family Circle

I’ve never been fond of zoos, but I’ve found myself softening a little because the grandkids do seem to like them, at least until they turn seven and are much too old and sophisticated for such childish adventures.

Though the aquarium is probably Pt Defiance Zoo’s strong point, Lael and I both have to see the tiger every time we are here, and I like the fact that the tiger actually has room to roam and climb and generally act. and look, tiger-like.

Crouching Tiger

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the zoo has paid attention to creating a special setting for the Asian animals, including beautiful Asiatic Lilies that seem a little confused about what season it is.

Asiatic Lily

Not all of our days were this fun-filled, but Lael and I had a great time in our five days together, even when we trapped inside all day by the rain. One on one time with grandkids seems especially precious.