An Even Sunnier Day!

It was nearly 80 degrees here today, and with rain forecast for the rest of the week I was determined to get out to Nisqually today, despite the fact I began the day with an hour of Pilates, an hour of Tai Chi, and a thirty minute Skye walk.

Nor was I going to let the constant THUUMMP of heavy mortar rounds or artillery shells echoing in the distance, followed by the staccato sound of machine guns ruin my day, though it was certainly a distraction. With the onset of hunting season, I’m sure that the constant fire must have contributed somewhat to fact that I saw fewer ducks than usual.

Nothing, simply nothing was going to keep me from bathing in the glory of golden sunlight illuminating fall leaves and those who beheld them.

Fall Leaves

And elegant Northern Pintails joined the long list of ducks who seem to have returned to their winter quarters:

male Northern Pintail duck

I only saw one Great Blue Heron, but even he put on a display as he flew off a short distance:

Great Blue Heron Spreads its Wings

And if I ever get so jaded that I can’t appreciate the beautiful green head of a male Mallard duck, you have my permission to put me out of my misery:

pair of Mallard Ducks

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