Finally, a Little Sunshine

Perhaps you could tell from the scarcity of photos the last two weeks that we have had some unusually rainy weather here in the Pacific Northwest. It was sunny enough for awhile Monday to take pictures, but I managed to forget the camera battery at home when I drove to Nisqually. By the time I could have gotten back, the weather had turned bad again.

Despite forecasts it was nearly 1:00 today before I could get out and take pictures, but I certainly wasn’t going to miss the chance, no matter how late it was. I drove to Lake Steilacoom and though there weren’t many ducks or birds, I did manage to get a few pictures I was happy with.

My favorite was this shot of a pair of Gadwall ducks,

American Gadwall Pair

probably because I’ve never managed to get a shot of a pair of Gadwall before, even though they’re supposed to be a common duck around here.

A much more common bird is this American Coot, though I like this pose
since I generally see them floating rather than wading in shallow water as this one is.

American Coot

I wasn’t too happy with the shots I got, though, so I stopped a the Tacoma Audubon office to see what I could see at their pond. Most of the birds were so far away that I really couldn’t even identify them, much less get a good shot.

However, I’m always happy when I can get this good of a shot of my friend the Belted Kingfisher, particularly when it’s a new pose:

Belted Kingfisher

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  1. We’ve been enjoying a bit of sun up here, too, but I’m a bit envious of your sightings and photography. Or, maybe it’s not so much envy as admiration and appreciation. Yes, that’s a better capture of what I’m feeling. Thanks.

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