5 thoughts on “Mike’s Dahlia”

  1. Amazing how brilliant the dahlias are as the days grow shorter. I like “Mike’s Dahlia” as well as the dahlia portraits from yesterday.

  2. I use a couple of different techniques, rae, but the most important is an effect called “Posterize,” and you have to try different settings until you find the one you like.

    I don’t use, or have, Elements so someone else will have to tell us if it’s available there, but I doubt it.

    Update: Ooops, Posterize is the effect I most often use. In this case I actually used a filter called Sumi.

  3. Mike’s Dahlia floats on the page like one of those
    suspended blooms we’ve sometimes seen on ponds at a party, but more ethereal since the pond is only our imagination. Nice touch.

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