Here in Colorado

I’m sitting here in Broomfield, Colorado watching the rain that seems to have followed me from the Pacific Northwest come down. I’ve been here since Friday night and have already managed to watch one of Logan’s soccer games, gone on a birding walk across from Tyson and Jen’s house, and hiked in the Rockies National Park

Since he’s only four, a lot of the teams “game time” consisted of learning to follow directions:

Logan’s Soccer Team

On my first walk I managed to see several birds I haven’t seen before, My favorite was this Say’s Phoebe:

Say’s Phoebe

but I also enjoyed this native variation of a sunflower which seemed to be everywhere:

Sunflower In Grass

I’ve discovered since I’ve been here that I’m only receiving part of my mail, particularly mail addressed to the address. Apparently Leslie’s using the home computer and it’s programmed to download mail every five minutes, a feature I’ll remember to turn off the next time I leave home. If you have something important to send me, use one of my other addresses or leave a comment here and I’ll get back to you.