WordPress Update

If you’re looking at this page and you’ve been here before you have obviously noted that the categories in the sidebar are misbehaving.

If you’ve been here before you probably also know that I’m not a web wizard. I don’t have an immediate answer to the sidebar, but the site seems perfectly usable otherwise, so you’ll have to bear with me awhile until I can finish upgrading to the latest version of WordPress.


Thanks to some help from Shelley Powers and WordPress’s Documentation, I think this site is back up and running. You’ll notice I eliminated Special Places as a Separate Category, that’s because I plan on creating Galleries of past pictures for each of those places rather than making new readers search through some meaningless words to find “the good stuff.”


I’ve long wanted to change my monthly archives and category pages so that they begin with what I first wrote and end with my conclusions. I used to have my pages organized that way with I used MT, but it got lost in the conversion. Since I’d already spent the better part of two days looking at code, I decided to try to figure out how to do that. I ended up downloading a plugin for WordPress that allows me to set ascending or descending order for exactly the pages I want to. So, if you ever happen to check out the entries on a particular poet, you’ll be able to read them in the order I actually wrote them, and hopefully they’ll make better sense than before.


I’ve also added a plugin that allows readers to edit their comments for two hours after they’ve left them so that they can review what they’ve written and correct errors. As one of those who hates it when he discovers that there are typos in comments I left, I’ve long been looking for something like this. Let me know if it works for you or not.