A Little More Sunshine

Today was supposed to be the sunny day of the week, and I was planning to go to Nisqually since I haven’t been there for two weeks. It was clear when I woke up, though, that the sky was anything but clear, with dark, threatening clouds hanging barely above our rooftop.

So I decided to stay home, nursing my bronchitis and try to get caught up on some projects I promised to do but had to put off after yesterday’s web site problems. I managed to get quite a lot done and still take Skye for his morning walk. All in all, it was turning into a rather productive day.

Then at 1:30, too late to go to Nisqually, it turned beautifully sunny. So I did the only thing I could, head to Pt Defiance Rose Garden to take pictures of the Dahlias.

The first thing I saw when I arrived was the sun shining through this yellow and orange dahlia, glowing with translucence.

Sun Shining Through Dahlia

Then I walked around to the other side and was equally struck by the brilliant gold, yellow, and red colors, solid and steadfast.

Red and Gold Dahlia with Fly

When I got home, I couldn’t decide which shot best captured the brief but brilliant fall sunshine.

So I spent an hour or two with Photoshop, trying to discover a fresh way of conveying the joy I always feel here in the Pacific Northwest when sunshine bursts through days of clouds, and everything seems cleaner, brighter, and fresher than before the rain descended.

Close up of  Fly on Dahlia

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  1. Jeez, Shelley, I read so much that sometimes I forget where I’ve gotten an idea from.

    I think it does need a little more refinement, though, particularly with the background color and the cropping.

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