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Though I’ll admit as I’ve gotten older I’ve become increasingly enamored of large, public gardens with their showy flowers and exotic species, that doesn’t mean that I’m indifferent to the beauty in my own yard.

For instance, I think the rhododendron that’s been nearly engulfed by the large fir in the front yard, the one that desperately needs to be moved three feet or so, is as beautiful as any I’ve seen in Pt Defiance’s Rhododendron garden and even Weyerhauser’s Rhododendron Garden:

On a smaller scale, the wallflowers seem to draw more bees than nearly any flower I’ve observed anywhere else. It doesn’t take much patience to get as many pictures of bumblebees at work as you’d ever want:

6 thoughts on “Closer to Home”

  1. I enjoy seeing the flowers in your garden. I especially like that rhododendron portrait. I think that it shows something of what William Blake meant when he said, “Energy is eternal delight.”

  2. Maugirl52, it helps if you have a close-up lens and you’re wiling to throw away ten shots (or more) for everyone you show others.

    am, I wonder if energy and awareness are merely different forms of the same thing, as energy = awareness (squared) because that line would also be marvelous as “Awareness is eternal delight.”

  3. ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE is still fresh in my mind after having listened to an audio version of it on a CD this last week, 33 years after first having read the book. When you wrote that you wondered “if energy and awareness are merely different forms of the same thing,” it occurred to me that energy and awareness are both related to quality, as in Robert Pirsig’s metaphysics of quality.

    I like your idea that energy = awareness (squared) very much.

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