Pt. Defiance Rhododendron Garden

Despite a dismal forecast and some early morning drizzle, today turned into one of those beautiful sunny days that make all the previous rainy days bearable.

I grabbed my Canon and headed to Pt. Defiance Rose Garden. I was disappointed to discover that all the spring flowers had been removed to make way for the summer flowers, and all there was to see were recently spaded beds.

Luckily, the Pt. Defiance Rhododendron Gardens more than made up for the lack of flowers in the Rose Garden. As it turned out, the biggest problem was trying to avoid overexposure because of the strong contrasts between the rays of sunlight and the deep shade of the firs:

It was the kind of problem that a photographer loves, and the best shots seem to radiate light:

Though humans seemed to gravitate toward the brighter colors, bumblebees seemed drawn to the white rhodies, and this plant was abuzz:

If tomorrow’s forecast is as wrong as today’s was, I’ll be spending the day at Nisquallly rather than going to the club and spending the rest of the day reading or working at my computer.

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