Reflections On a Cloudy Day

It’s been overcast nearly all day, with occasional sprinkles so I spent today playing around with this picture I took yesterday during sunnier weather.
After an hour and half at the club lifting weights and practicing Tai Chi and another half hour walking Skye, I doubt I would have been up for much of a walk anyhow.

Instead, I spent most of the day playing with my new version of Photoshop CS3. After all, if you’re crazy enough to spend $200 dollars to update a piece of software every two years, you’d damn well better use it occasionally.

Since commenting visitors (my favorite visitors) liked yesterday’s swallow, which looked a lot like last year’s swallow which many people also liked, I tried create a similar effect with a barn swallow that I also shot yesterday:

Unfortunately, barn swallows are almost always found sitting on railings, not on birdhouse or in trees like tree swallows. In other words, the background is invariably much more cluttered, and there’s very little I can except try to minimize the background as I’ve done here.