Pacific Science Center Tropical Butterfly Garden

Ever since I saw the shots that Shelley Powers took in a butterfly garden and learned that there was a butterfly garden in the Seattle Pacific Science Center, I’ve wanted to go and take pictures.

I finally got there today because I thought Jen and the kids would enjoy the butterfly garden and the dinosaur display. As it turned out, though I think I ended up taking pictures under the worst of all possible condition. It was unseasonably hot today, 85 degrees, and when I tried to take my first shot the lens was so steamed up that the camera wouldn’t focus.

Even stranger, I somehow ended up being alone with Zoe, and it’s rather difficult to take pictures of butterflies while trying to entertain a three year old who you have to lift up to see most of the butterflies.

That said, I suspect taking pictures of butterflies is a little unfair because they are so beautiful that it’s hard NOT to take a good picture of them.

A designer could do much worse than to use the subtle shades of brown and gray found on this butterfly:

And the colors on this butterfly seemed to beautifully complement the plant it had landed on:

While the brilliant reddish-orange seemed to make this a favorite with many visitors.

Since I bought a year-long membership, I hope to head back up on another day to try to get even better shots.