Fort Lagler

Although the forecasters prediction of sunshine never came true, Bob and I headed out to Fort Lagler yesterday. As it turned out, photographic conditions were only mediocre. Despite repeated attempts, I couldn’t get a decent shot of Mt. Baker across the Sound, nor could I manage to get shots of the many birds that appeared as grey blobs bobbing up and down on an equally grey sea.

Still the long walk on the beach was full of good conversation and glimpses of interesting fauna, like this little island, complete with its own rocks and grass

After our beach walk we headed for the north end of the peninsula, where I watched a flock of crows apparently playing king of the hill, as they took turns landing on the topmost branch of this stump and cawing loudly until they were displaced by another crow:

For me the photographic highlight of the day was getting pictures of these beautiful Harlequin ducks, certainly the closest I’ve ever manage to get to them before:

I must’ve spent nearly fifteen minutes taking shots of them, and if the light had been better the pictures would have been knockout beautiful. If we manage to get another sunny day soon, I’ll be out trying to get even better shots of them before they leave for Glacier National Park.

5 thoughts on “Fort Lagler”

  1. Thanks so much, Loren, for bringing me back to the present with your photos. They are good medicine. Yesterday I saw a Flicker fly across the path and up into a tree as I was walking next to Whatcom Creek.

  2. The highlight of my walk with Skye today was listening to a flicker playing his tunes on the top of an aluminum light post.

  3. Loren, don’t know if these lenses are going south( i know the eyes are), but the photo of the log island with grass & rocks looks like it has the ghost of a bird hovering in it.

  4. Good eyes, kjm.

    Every photo shows precisely the same blur. Perhaps its the nest of the legendary Phoenix.

    If I get back, I’ll take a closer look and see if there’s a more scientific explanation.

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