Just Another Nice Day

It’s definitely Spring here in the PNW. After three days of steady rain, it was sunny and windy today. So once again, Leslie and I headed out to Belfair where this Great Blue Heron landed right off the trail:

It’s easy to forget how big they really are when you see them hunting, but there’s no ignoring their size when you see them head-on with their wings spread out.

I was so busy looking for birds that I was a little taken aback when I suddenly stared this native red squirrel right in the eyes:

I was also a little surprised to find Trillium blooming in the woods next to the trail since I usually associate them with the mountains, not wetlands:

I was even more surprised to learn that Monday is supposed to be the sunniest day so far. Hopefully I’ll get some good pictures at Fort Lagler.

10 thoughts on “Just Another Nice Day”

  1. I was actually rather envious of your daffodil pictures, Shelley.

    And I think I actually prefer the red squirrel picture because I already have so many GBH pictures, and nary a one of a red squirrel.

  2. That second photo, not the heron, looks the most frequent visitor to my feeder. I must admit longing for the sharp shinned hawk to arrive at the same time.


  3. Kjm, I’ll have to admit that I feel that way when it’s a grey squirrel, but not when it’s a native red squirrel. They’re generally few and far between now that the larger gray squirrels have invaded.

  4. It’s a pity the native squirrels are being driven out by the greys. Here in Colorado, it’s the black squirrels that are being driven out by the greys.

    Beautiful photos!

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