Thinking Blogs Meme

I usually don’t do these, but I’ve been tagged by Theresa who often comments here, and I appreciate blogs that make me think, so here are my “Thinking Blog Awards,” all of which are included in my blogroll, of course.

1. Woods Lot constantly inspires me to read new poets and thinkers I never encountered in my college courses.

2. Something Beautiful constantly reminds me of the beauty to be found in art.

3. Riley Dog
has been inspiring me for years by introducing me to poetry that I would otherwise miss entirely.

4. I don’t always agree with Shelley Powers, heck we met when she took offense to a comment I made, but she keeps me on my toes when it comes some of my male prejudices. (Oh, and she’s also the power behind maintaining my blog.)

5. I have rather different tastes in poetry than Ron Sillman does, but I always find his ideas challenging and often find new poets that I like there.