Sometimes I Just Like to Talk

Birding was rather poor at Nisqually today; I didn’t identify a single new species. In fact the few birds I did see, like Great Blue Herons, Canadian Geese, Lesser Yellowlegs, and crows are so common that I sometimes I don’t see them at all.

When another birder asks whether I saw anything, I don’t even think of mentioning these birds. If I do mention them, it’s something like “only some herons and lesser yellowlegs.“ They are a given.

While reflecting on this fact, I also reminded myself that this is one of the few places I ever get to see these magnificent birds.

It’s also rare that I don’t see at least one thing to make the long walk special. Today it was this young raccoon that seemed surprised, but not too upset, to see me:

Strangely enough, the high point of the day may simply have been the delightful company of a man and woman I met on the trail, and our roving discussion that even touched on politics. Birders are a friendly lot, and I enjoy being one of them.

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