Weyerhaeuser Bonsai and Rhododendron Garden

I’ve long wanted to visit the famous Weyerhaeuser Bonsai garden and since I had to drop my brother off at the airport at 11:00 we decided to use the opportunity to stop and visit the gardens. We couldn’t have chosen a more opportune time to do so.

Not only were there the usual displays of striking bonsai,

there was also a special show going on called Traditions and Transitions – Arts of the Earth, where ceramic pieces were paired with bonsai plants

as in this display where the Damian Grava’s clay creations were paired with a bonsai created by Nick Lenz.

Though the bonsai would easily have stood on their own, it was fascinating to see how local artists paired their work with various bonsai.

I didn’t realize that most of the grounds are actually devoted to a Rhododendron garden, one where rare rhododendrons from different parts of the world are displayed in various settings. Though the rhododendrons have long since bloomed this year, the beautiful gardens were still worth the $3.50 entry fee.

Now that I’ve actually visited the garden I’m looking forward to visiting it next year when the rhodies are in bloom.