Too Much Work, Too Little Beauty

After our delightful trip to Mt. Rainier on Friday, Leslie and I decided we’d better work on the yard and try to lay the brick path we’ve been talking about. I doubt many of you want to waste your short visit here seeing pictures of me trying to struggle to my feet after working on the path for several hours.

So, I decided to head to the front garden with my close-up lens where this beautiful lily has been literally reaching out for attention the last few days, as noted by the bright orange stains on two pairs of pants:

It’s certainly beautiful enough by itself to deserve your attention, but as I was trying to get the perfect picture, or at least a better one than the ones I featured on this site last year, I was distracted by a funny humm and click right behind me.

This little guy wasn’t about to be ignored, so I spent the next five minutes trying to capture a picture of him, a real challenge with a close-up lens. It was so close that I actually managed to get several good pictures, but this one of it sitting on a branch sipping nectar while listening to the click of my lens and observing me taking pictures is my favorite.