Loren’s Blues

Despite an end-of-the-summer cold and headache, I’ve been having fun playing around with Apple’s Soundtrack.

Though I found the first attempts at creating a soundtrack totally frustrating, with more time I’ve managed to create some pieces that I’m not totally unhappy with.

One thing I’ve discovered is that a program like this helps you to re-discover your favorite music because when you’re faced with what appears to be an infinite number of choices you tend to gravitate to the music that you’re most comfortable with.

In my case, I guess that would happen to be the blues or jazz fusion. It seems to me this piece isn’t too bad if you take into consideration I’ve never played an instrument or had a music lesson in my life.

Imagine what someone who‘s actually had music lessons could create.


Here’s an image that shows how you build up layers and modules of sound in order to compose a piece. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to do as this image suggests because there’s thousands of sound samples to choose from and I’ve been unable to find a text that explains how to go about choosing samples other than through trial and error: