Birding with Lens

There were Goldfinches everywhere at Nisqually today, and I devoted much of my picture taking to trying to get a good picture of one sitting on a Canadian thistle, apparently a main source of food. Unfortunately, the clearest shot I got of a Goldfinch was one sitting on a plastic post, not a thistle, though it wasn’t nearly as clear as the shot I got of one at my backyard feeder last week, and I really wanted a picture of the bird in it’s “natural? setting.

That said, here’s the best shot I could get today, which leaves me with a good reason to return to Nisqually shortly:

Surprisingly to me, the best shot I got all day was this one of an American Bittern, a bird I haven’t seen for several months but managed to see twice today:

I guess it’s inevitable that the more I go out birding the more apt I am to end up getting the best shots of birds I’ve already taken good shots of. Luckily, it’s still a thrill to see a bird that I have seen very few times in my lifetime.

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  1. Goldfinch & thistle — could be the name of a birder’s favorite tavern! This is just a delightful picture. Thanks.

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