Too Hot To Handle

Considering the kind of weather the rest of the nation has been having, I’m not about to complain about the weather here in the Pacific Northwest, but it reached 90 degrees again today and that’s too hot for me to think of doing much but trying to avoid getting any hotter than absolutely necessary.

So, after taking Skye for an early morning walk I decided to limit myself to taking pictures of the Pt Defiance Rose Garden. I know I said weeks ago that the roses were at their peak, and some early roses were absent flowers, but it’s clear that unlike many flowers here in the PNW, roses like the heat, as they looked radiant today, nearly flawless in their beauty:

Heretic that I am, though, I still spent most of the time photographing everything but roses. Perhaps my favorite flower was this beautiful form of a Tiger Lily

that stood nearly five feet high.

Now that the dahlias are out, though, it’s almost as impossible for me to ignore them as it is for the bees: