Defining Dahlia

I took it as a high compliment yesterday when Kenju said, “Now that photo defines dahlia!�

It did seem like a classic dahlia, even resembling the picture on the sign that greets the visitor to the dahlia garden.

What first appealed to me about dahlias was the geometric repetition of the petals as they open, a symmetry that’s found in most flowers but is carried to new heights in dahlias.

This white and purple dahlia seemed so delicately perfect in its structure that I couldn’t even imagine a way to enhance its beauty:

I loved this purple and white one just as much, but it seemed to better lend itself to an “artistic� enhancement that emphasizes its symmetry:

I’ll have to admit, though, a definite fondness for this less classical dahlia, one that also seems have a compelling appeal to bees and other insects: