While sitting at my computer trying to process all the photos I’d taken yesterday, I kept hearing an unusual noise through the open window.

Think it was probably a bird that I’d never heard before, I grabbed my camera and slowly walked to the front of the house, unable to locate where the sound was coming from. Peering into the deep woods across the street, I couldn’t see anything in the trees. However, my eye was suddenly caught by movement at the bottom of the tree.

A pair of young raccoons was apparently complaining to mother about being left too long or not being brought food quickly enough. Once they saw me, though, they quickly scurried up the large fir to safety.

I retreated to the front porch to see if they would descend, but never could get another picture of the two of them together after they climbed down.

It actually took a little Photoshop magic to make them emerge from the shadows even shooting at 400 ISO. I’ll have to try to remember how cute they looked here when they are foraging on the back porch at 2:00 A.M. and Skye is barking frantically at the patio door.

Birding with Lens

There were Goldfinches everywhere at Nisqually today, and I devoted much of my picture taking to trying to get a good picture of one sitting on a Canadian thistle, apparently a main source of food. Unfortunately, the clearest shot I got of a Goldfinch was one sitting on a plastic post, not a thistle, though it wasn’t nearly as clear as the shot I got of one at my backyard feeder last week, and I really wanted a picture of the bird in it’s “natural? setting.

That said, here’s the best shot I could get today, which leaves me with a good reason to return to Nisqually shortly:

Surprisingly to me, the best shot I got all day was this one of an American Bittern, a bird I haven’t seen for several months but managed to see twice today:

I guess it’s inevitable that the more I go out birding the more apt I am to end up getting the best shots of birds I’ve already taken good shots of. Luckily, it’s still a thrill to see a bird that I have seen very few times in my lifetime.