10 thoughts on “Life is Sweet, Unless You Read the News”

  1. Unfortunately, I at least feel complelled to read the news enough to decide where to give/donate money to counter the emerging problems and when I need to email or call my legislators.

    My celebration of nature here is one of the ways I try to convince others that we need to take better care of the world we’ve all inherited.

  2. My first thought was the famous (infamous?) line sung by Paul Simon; “I get all the news I need from the weather report.” And from what I’ve learned through some of your posts, that’s bad enough.

    As usual great pics!

  3. Dazzling photo Loren!! The capturing of the wings on the humming bird are incredible. I can almost hear the hummm from here…………

  4. To the comment you left on my blog” Yeah, Loren, I guess if we both didn’t like the children, there’d be little to be proud of. Oh, and the nice photos! Rave on, friend!

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this bit of loveliness!

    Sometimes, well, you know, the world is too much with us.

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