Off to Colorado

I’m off to Colorado this weekend and won’t return until next Sunday. I’m looking forward to baby sitting my grandkids most of the week. It’s the first time I’ll have seen Zoe since she started walking, and that’s exciting. And it’s been nearly a year since I’ve seen Logan, and there’s a lot to catch up on.

I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll be doing, but I’m sure it won’t be daily as it is here. It’s only 7 degrees there as I write this, but according to my weather report there’s supposed to be a warming trend next week, up into the low thirties for highs. That will also limit my photography. I know it has here when it’s that temperature. It’s 32 degrees here now, but the high winds make it seem like 22 degrees and I haven’t been in any rush to get outside.

It’s tough to know what will happen next week. At worst, a week off from blogging might come as a pleasant break. It’s been tougher coming up with entries lately, and it weren’t for the bird pictures, I’d be lucky to post more than twice a week on a regular basis.

I’m sure I’ll still read my email and delete any spam that arrives here, but I won’t promise much beyond that.

Have a good week. Hope to see you when I get back, if not before.

One thought on “Off to Colorado”

  1. i feel sad a little, as if a friend was going away – but will read your old entries, and they still, i am sure, are as enjoyable as the first time i found them.
    have a good time in colorado, Loren.
    see you whenever!

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