Yesterday was an absolutely clear, cold, windy day here in the Pacific Northwest and I’d originally planned on walking Nisqually since the loop trail opened this week, but the cold East winds made me postpone that until next week. Instead, I walked the local beach for an hour bathing in the sunshine, no matter how cold the air.

The wind-driven waves were so high I could barely see the ducks in the
Sound much of the time.

In fact, the best part of the day was watching the gulls riding the high wind, skittering overheard, sunlight glinting through translucent feathers,

or hovering mid-air, suspended in high winds, suspended in time:

For a while I envied the high-flying gulls able to soar hundreds of feet simply with the tilt of a wing, followed by an equally impressive dive all without a single flap of the wings.

Soon, though, merely being able to share their flight, their joy in the cerulean blue skies seemed like flight enough for one day.